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Dear Live Journal Friends....

I am actually going Cruising for a good fortnight.  Heh heh heh Cruising!  and dammit, I won't have a wedding ring on, and a grizzling husband to lug around.  I am going alone, just me and my shadow.

Tomorrow a taxi is coming to pick me up and take me to the station, where I shall board a First Class TVG  to whisk me to Nantes station, where I shall disembark, and wait half an hour drinking coffee, until my other TGV arrives... and then I shall sit at my window seat, with table, and hopefully at sometime in the next six hours, find a handsome man sitting opposite  ?????   Oh well. just wishing!

Then I arrive at Gare St. Charles in Marseilles.  Just trot across the station, over the road and into a really super hotel for the evening.  Sunday I shall have a lazy breakfast - normally it is in the sun but the weather forecast for Sunday in the south is horrific! oh well.  I shall just toddle outside when I've had a nice alcoholic lunch, and then board the bus that will take my baggage off me... and I'll not see it again until I am at my cabin on the boat.

I shall be dropped at the large hanger where we sign in, and are given the ship payment card... just a plastic... but it saves carrying cash around all the time, and it all comes on a loooooong bill at the end. Extras like Gucci handbags and millions of special cocktails or coffees...hahaha.

We will be bus'd to the boat... and then mount the gangway, get the lift to the reception deck and then.... WHOOPEEEEEEE.. I shall be on HOLS.

Dinner Sunday night will be hopefully at a large round table that all the singles are sat at!  this is great fun, and so relaxed.

This is a Classical music and Jazz  Cruise which is really what I am going for, as well as visiting Malta, Crete Cyprus, Greece, Aleppo'Israel/Palestine  Sicily and Corsica on the say back.

There's so much to do on the boat as well.    So if my legs give out from climbing ancient monuments I can lie around swimming or reading, or doing tea-dances - oh I wonder if Marek will be there. H'e been on all the cruises I've done so far... He is a blonde gigolo...once was slim and sexy now after all this time, is inclined to plumpness and he wears a corset I think!  But we greet each other like the friends we are!

So wish me luck You'all - I shall think of you very much, hopefully at some particular moments when I am DYING to giggle.

Cant' guarantee pics but wil try.

So you can have silence from old blatterlips for two whole weeks!

I'm wishing me Bon Voyage.... and I know it will be

Byeeeee .... Je reviendrai.

Bluegerl Looloo.

                                          Words.... of meaning.
Do not give up, do not give favor, although the cold burn, even fear bite, although the sun goes down, and shut the wind, there is still fire in your soul, there is still life in your dreams. Because life is yours and yours also the desire, because every day is a new beginning, because this is the time and the best time, because you are not alone, Because I love you!

Mario Benedetti.


You won't believe it! I can hardly. After receiving a totally unusable DVD player from Amazon who omitted to tell me that the machine was only for use in the USA.... and my efforts to retrieve the the end having to write shirty but begging/pleading/threatening letter to the Big White Chief at Amazon HQ because they had not given me even a BILL to find out where it came from for return purposes....

Suddenly Amazon had notified me that there were special adaptors for strange - very strange plugs for machines available.. (which had not been there before cos I'd looked!). So I was preparing to write stinking letters with quotes from the nice kind Impecca people who couldn't help at all, when

                        SUDDENLY ON MY EMAIL PAGE I SAW THE WORDS.......

                            REFUND FROM AMAZON!!!!

Gasping, I clicked and unrolled .... oh glory be.

                              HEAD HONCHO HAD PUSHED BUTTONS!!!!!!

THANK YOU AMAZON... nearly all my lolly back and I have a spare DVD Player suitable only for the USA!

ANYBODY WANT IT? Postage - well... we'll see.

How super. So it pays to write nice letters first - and I hadn't even got to playing the Old Lady with Only Her Pension Game yet!!! teehee...oh super.

                             THANK YOU AMAZON
So... the sun shines warm upon my gloriously large and clean windows. It is warming my chair, and my legs and I can see all the cleanliness round me. I seem to have suddenly become frightfully active, and tidy and cleanly... floors are washed and my files (of which there were a myriad of mixed crap and important stuff) have been sorted, made legible and placed in some sort of order. My books (which keep growing faster than I can read them) are in some corner or on shelves and the larder is very useful!
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Thorts that came in Mid-October. 2014.

Viggo sleeping              by bluegerl


Happy happy happy all your days, dearest Viggo.

AB0682 two hearts and flowers

And ... as always.....
                            images (2)


Happy Birthday to moth2fic. She's only 21!!!



5b48fe6f25dc846eadae0abdb7bb7c45 - Copie

Dear Mrs Moth.... I do hope you are having a

Superb birthday, and I send my love with this

          beautiful moth/butterfly.

        ( As a little pressie, It comes icon sized square!  XXXX)


Thought for the weekend.

In case you are spending the weekend away

images (2)

and of course...


and I hope it doesn't turn into this sort of thing!

images (5)

I'm laughing... don't have to go through all this any more!



A VERY Happy Birthday wish to sadme4b

I just wish this guy could be waking you up.

Have a really GOOD day love, and spoil yourself.

(Maybe you'll even get a bit of spoiling!)

tumblr_n2bp6bceew1tsah4ro1_1280 - Copie

Happy Happy Birthday.... Enjoy!!!




A friend sent me these... with some weird Microsoft word Adobe reader ppsm and stuff and either my Peacy can't translate or I'm not pushing the right buttons.... but one of her messages I COULD download... here they are...

Piccies of odd vegs .....Collapse )

My day, Sunday. 12th October already!

Wet forecast. They were right. Lots of VERY WET!!!  LOVELY WET.

so as my legs had been playing up - (Have some weird recurring virus that gets into me bones...) it was a super excuse to have a REAL Sunday.... While the rain pelted down in gorgeous files of steel hammering all the dust off my car, and washing my paving outside the door and watering a poor limp shrub on the corner of the courtyard, and my window box (in which I had had a war, the Rosemary fought with the Thyme and they trompled all over the Parsley so that only the cheeky Chives survived)... I lay in my bed with my book, my specs... my varied tisanes and teas at the ready beside the kettle... I have so many, blackcurrant, peach, raspberry, Russian tea, lemon and ginger, green gunpowder, Jasmine and some new chinese one that is just the tips of the bushes - the little TINY tips dried black and then mixed with orange peel and exotic other fruits pieces.   It makes a most delicious tea.

I'm going on about the Tea as while I wasn't doing exercises I could lie around, resting leg and NOT EATING!!!  I am doing the two days a week NOT EATING -- only DRINKING diet... and by golly it works.   Tis fun in a sadistic way and one does have to ensure that first thing the next morning you aren't up at six stuffing brioches!!!   To encourage any of Les Autres out there, I have lost 28 pounds. 14 kilos. OOOOH --  that's more -- 14 x 2.2 = 30.8 lbs! !!

 and my shirts are positively FLAPPING in the front and my pants have been taken in SIX INCHES....oh glory be.  tis fab!!! and the flappy floppies are being given time to be re-absorbed... cos I am muscling in the swimming pool as well.  I was so worried that the skin would need to be folded or rolled up and tucked into knickers...  teehee. I've gone from a European 54/56 to a 48/50
 (and I have NO idea what that is in USA or UK)

So... I lay like Scheherezade on my bed, resting on many pillows, drinking exotic potions and losing my self in 'The rise and fall of the Third Chimpanzee'... Jared Diamond..    A really fun and logically thought out book with much sly humour and some outright laughs.... that finds out what exactly makes us Human as against our nearest cousins.  Why we got to where we are and HOW we got here...   He's a bird man really and started getting interested in this when he found Stone Age men in New Guinea when he was gasping at the beauty of Birds of Paradise....   Its really a super read and does dig into the questions we think we knew the answers to....but he does it so well.  Recommended.

All day.  I DID NOTHING.... occasionaly rested the eyes by lying back and making mental lists of things I OUGHT to do, I should do, I might do.... ah well.   NOT TODAY...

I rolled over in the evening and made some soup... then watched The Dark Knight... with delicious Christian Bale. He has a very pretty mouth.#

Amazingly enough my leg did NOT go clutching into cramps.all day... and it was almost better by Monday... Hooray.!!!

Hope your days were as enjoyable!!!

Help sought....Icon stoopidings.

Bean Are you thinking...?             by
Folks, can anyone please tell me how to get my comments to come up with the icons I CHOOSE and not the damn default Nun one that comes every time.  I have to go back and edit... and I don't know if it means that everyone gets comments twice,... which is annoying!!!  Is there a way I can stop LJ ... I've tried messing about with Manage Userpics and it's hopeless there.  I've picked an icon of Bean looking saucily cheeky... bet the damn nun one comes up!

PLEEESE... just to give others respite from doubled comments.

and also here,... for SPLIX especially as she asked...

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Reflectivity.... thorts on ... what.


Head banger...     from  dear mothfic
Brigits Flame. Sept. wk 4 JFF Anything you can ...
Author bluegerl Words 700 approx ... Rating G.

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Brigits Flame, Sept. wk. 4 Prompt 'Anything you can do...'
Authorbluegerl words 400 app Rating G.

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I've been watching a few things about climate change lately ... and things definitely HAVE changed in my liftetime for sure. Very Sure and I don't like the way it's going either.

We have a most beautiful planet.. to SIT ON AND USE... but not to ABUSE... It is NOT OURS to ruin... we must leave it for the others who will come behind and hopefully they'll treat it better...

THIS WORLD IS NOT OURS!!! We are merely here to be here on it, by it's peculiar evolutionary kindess.

You shouldn't and don't I trust, abuse your family, your parents, your children... your car even? so let this world alone... make it green and happy and thereby make everything else (except BIG Beastly Bizness and those powermad horrors of Evil at the top of the pyramid) to flourish and be happy.
above is Mindwalk, old film, dialogue set on Mont saint Michel.
above is 'Home' beautiful film of planet, it's problems and solutions. Very beautiful pictures and music

Brigits Flame Sept. wk 3. Prompt One song Glory.
Author bluegerl. words 750.. fic. Rating G ..warning a bit h/c

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Muse is dumb
Brigits Flame. Sept wk 3. JFF Prompt, One song glory.
Author bluegerl. Wee story. 450 words. Rating G.

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The Twelfth of September. ALREADY!!!

My day for the twelfth.... Very little to say this time. Hope others had a more eventful and rewarding day>

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It's all Balls!
Brigits Flame, Sept. wk 2. JFF. Prompt Razzle Dazzle.
Author bluegerl prose.. words 560 about. Rating G.

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Painter loaded.
Brigits Flame. Sept. wk 2  prompt 'Razzle Dazzle'.
Author bluegerl Prose. wds. 560 app. Rating G.

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Suddenly the glooms flew away like the burnt-off-fat linings of my oven down the sink, whirly whirly and so I got On With Life Again.

Felt all energetic so as it was so hot outside...well in the 90s and our courtyard is rather enclosed all round so we miss out on a good breeze which makes the yew tree flail and upset the pigeons' landings!  I stayed indoors with my fan going - you see, wish and it will come true. I was seriously thinking about buying a fan for this room as I need something in these Dog Days of heat... I face EAST and SOUTH !  ---  HOT HOT HOT!  even with double glazing.

To keep occupied I started on Day OneCollapse )

I do hope yours are all the same.   Just --- comfy and NICE.  Be Happy you'all..   LOVE YOU! 

With cairistiona7s encouragement I TRIED!

YeaNun whee!
To explain the difference in size of the feet. Left leg was stretched out over the right which was bent under my knee... so one's bigger than the other. I didn't realise I'd copied my feet so exactly until I looked. teehee. This is fun!!!

2014-09-08 17.28.20

And a close up...

2014-09-08 17.28.57

and I tried a mug of tea...erm. which I see needs doing things with.. it's FLAT - NOT a container!

2014-09-08 17.28.30

But I tried a dog - no model. just trying out the pencil. LOts to improve but I've not done anything like this for fifty odd years!

2014-09-08 17.33.10
Bean Hahaha     by bluegerl mine please!

British actor Tom Hiddleston, perhaps most widely known for playing Thor’s charmingly sinister brother Loki in the Marvel films, took to the stage this weekend at the Wheatland Music Festival, which showcases what’s hot on the traditional music scene in bluegrass, folk and Americana.

The 33-year-old Royal Academy of Dramatic Art alum treated spectators (including one quick-thinking audience member who captured the somewhat blurry footage below) to a full-twang rendition of country legend Hank Williams’ uptempo “Move It on Over,” MTV reported.
Brigits Flame September wk 1 Prompt. Music and misquoted words.
Author bluegerl. 1370 words, a wee tale. Rating G.

But just as I say, it takes judgement, brains and maturity to scoreCollapse )
Brigits Flame. Sept wk 1 .JFF. prompt.. music and billiards
Author bluegerl. Words 435. a fable? Rating R. mention of homosexuality.

Get the ball in the pocket, woman.Collapse )

Exercise in poetry. A Villanelle.

Bean SleepingPrince
I was reading Poems that Make Grown Men Cry yesterday.  a lovely book, and some very thoughtful poems.

.I came across Dylan Thomas' Rage Rage...and it struck me that I'd like to try that rhythm.  I hope i've caught it.

The subject was going to have something written about it anyway... Dreams... mine are so vivid and in full colour. The sun shines hot... the air moves... but I reach for them and they are ectoplasmic.

Early Morning Dreams.

They came, tripping lightly, roe-deer-shy.
They were not requested, but quiet they came,
Creeping in at corners, sneakily, sly.
Dreams come in sleep to lie.

Fingering the wishes you'd left the roadside by
They were not requested, but back they came.
Faces recalled, words echo clear and high.
Dreams come, never seem to lie.

Bringing back that school, the windows nigh
They were not requested, but clear they came.
The window out of which I did not jump to die
Dreams come; but that one, why?

Sun, stroking comfort in the breezes passing by.
That was not requested, but it gladsome came.
Waking, kissing sodden pillow; ask why do I cry?
Dreams come, bring love, then lie.

When doors in days long gone now open fly
They were near forgotten, but hurtful are the same.
When, if, from wher ... when time comes for me to die,
Will Dreams come? Please - let them lie.


A Happy Post. Oh my. 29.8.2014

Elephant trampolining...
OOOh my goodness.  Talk about a Happy Bunny.
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Here's me tune for today!

Have a good day all of you... with love and happies and laughter and kitties and puppydogs and babies and..... all that stuff.
I did have a sense of humour

Brigits Flame August wk 4 ..JFF prompt 'blud'.
Author bluegerl. Poem haha. words 198! not 200! silly.


The prompt this week is blood.
Spelled that way it should
be sounding the same as food
or Wood, or Hood.

(But then when speaking to a lord
One has to say, "Oh yes, Melud!")

There's Noah's over-humid Flood.
which left a lot of Mud, not mood.
Cows mournful large-eyed chew the cud.
Not cood... but the pouter pigeon cooed
Until it was with bread bestrood.

Blud. Blood. Oh - daggers viewed
With gouts thereon, Gout hurts the joints
How did it get on Daggers hued
Scarlet drippings from their nasty points?
Two people in their bloodied evil stood.

I'm giving up on blood this week.
For rhymings I have far to seek.
Going through the Alphabet
Doesn't do much good, but yet....
I don't like being overstood.

Good? No. And mood was mud.
Up there with cows that chood the cud.
Snood, not snud. WOOED? Oh - desist
I shall. (A Russian weight's a Pood)
No - oh stupid list!
Does much at all be any good?

Quod. Rud(der) SCUD!! it rhymes with BLOOD.
But isn't spelt the same. Not very good.
I'm getting in a crosseyed mood.
I'll have a bite to eat. of FOOD...or FUD.
which really should be spelt as FUDD.

Brigits Flame August, wk 4.. Prompt...blood

Scarlet pen

Brigits Flame. August wk 4. Prompt 'Blood'.
Author bluegerl Ficlet words 1000 app. Rating R. Warning - death.

warning.... messy!Collapse )
Amoeba         pressie from Silvan lady.
"Death influences the flow of sensations." (from Deepak Chopra's Wisdoms).

Of course it does.....Collapse )

Brigits Flame August, wk 3.. Prompt...Skin

Brigits Flame August wk 3 Prompt 'skin'.
Author bluegerl. story. words 1460 app. Rating R.. killings.

Jaarno's tale hereCollapse )

Brigits Flame August, wk 3 JFF Prompt...Skin

Keyboard ME.
Brigits Flame August wk 3 JFF Prompt ..Skin.
Author bluegerl. poem 325 words. Fun and daft.

SKIN.. herein.Collapse )
madmisslizzie     private please
Brigits Flame August wk 2 JFF Prompt Muscle.
Author bluegerl Little piccy. words 460 app. Rating G.

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Brigits Flame. August wk. 1. Prompt 'Muscle'.

madmisslizzie     private please
Brigits Flame. August wk 2. Prompt.. Muscle.
Author bluegerl 450 wds appr. Prose-picture. Rating G.

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The words and wisdom of Deepak Chopra.

The first lines of the two are His Magical Computer Wisdomnesses.

They're such fun to play with.Collapse )

Monthly Diary Day August 12th.

Bean Tis all Beans    by bluegerl
Just browsing while waiting for the news to come on and I can have another glass of my CHAMPAGNE!!!  I found these to celebrate my FINAL DIVORCE PAPERS being granted today!!!

Even being slightly squiffy, I can appreciate all these - even if SOME are a bit on the speedy side.

Be Warned... Chris Evans must have a sense of humour!

Watch Girls and Boys... enjoy.

Courtesy of  by sheer accident.

                        Have a great great day, and no freaking out on 'stuff''.


Brigits Flame, August wk l . Prompt . Bones.
Author bluegerl. ficlet. 1295 words. A bit of NCIS... rating g.

Alas, poor....?Collapse )
Aragorn wildhair

Brigits Flame August, wk l. JFF... prompt 'Bones'
Author bluegerl ... Poem.  260 words      Soliloquy . Rating G.

Wonder came and sat beside me on this seat.
I know that I am sitting here, in quiet peace
Upon a place where once there was a street.
Beneath this gentle grass a road once grew
Ruts and ridges; broke some wheels that needed grease.
That road itself was built upon a cobbled rue
Where Frenchmen marched with pride
In  colours bright, drums beating; but so few
Stumbled back upon the weeping stones
Broken, bleeding, leaving many comrades' bones
Lying uncovered in a valley, or on a wide
And bloody, open hill.  These scabbed bloody feet
Faltered the path a sweating Legionnaire
Was digging, carving out a new unswerving street,
Where before the vixen crept to and from her lair.
These are the bones of towns, of stretching ways
Man made as his curiosity and ambition led
Him over hills and into valleys where he spread
His specie for generations; vastly endless days
Of passing on his essential genes, his bones, one
Following another.  That very ancient past has gone
But has left behind its frame on which we build,
Renewing. changing, nay -  unchanging, but overlaying,
Hiding the skeletons of dead souls deep in this field
So far beneath, their unknown mouths silent and unsaying.
HAT !!
The world was kind to us. Woke with grey and rain so had a little lie in. (Both of us in our separate homes, Izzy with with my radio and cuddle pillow)

BUT the Metmen and Ladies had promised it would stop by the middle of the day and it did. As if someone had come in, switched off the heavily running tap and pulled back the curtains to the sunshine!

Izzy turned up which made it even better, and we decided to go to Guerande AND I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!! so these are courtesy of Izzy and her phone!  So... not all that many. cos that will give you how OLD it is.

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madmisslizzie     private please

REQUEST FILL. for noalinnea - a short and non smutty Vigbean.  With my love.

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YeaNun whee!
Put it on again today... and it still looks great!  Am going out to Guerande tomorrow with Issy,  so will wear it, have pics took and lovely pics I HOPE of the VERY ancient walled city.

But to be going on with... oh I do LIKE my hat!

And WHAT a kerfuffle to get it up here. First to Photobucket upload and bloody size it again and... oh F**k it all.

What have LJ done with the piccy posting bit?
Elephant trampolining...
Another long speil about a Happy Day.. just so... NICE...

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I have been absent from poor old LJ lately, but how can I tear myself away. I've found SCIENCE all explained to me in words I can understand with pretty pictures, and dear old Google to help with the heavy stuff. I've been immersed, submerged, waving merrily and drowning in Science. Well, the Theory of Chaos, and Mr. Dawkins and his beloved Genes.

I've always asked questions, but I was born before there were any answers. Higher Maths was ...hunh. logs. WITH a book of calculations. NO further. NOW? sixty years on...

I nearly fell off my chair with my eyes hanging out at Wikipedia's telling me about a Simple Linear Equation. Take a figure x, double it and add the original figure x ... equals WHY? Then do it again. and again and .... and blow your mind! (and maybe your pc!) You should SEE the math equation at the end of the page!!! -- "Houston we have a problem.... The Martians don't understand it!"

So here you are folks, my poor attempts to tell Mr. darling Dawkins just how wondrous I find his view of the worlds we inhabit. And who we are and what we are made of.... now... back to Unwrapping a Rainbow.... can you imagine??? What a PRESSIE!!!!

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Just thorts and stuff... 17.7.2014


Sorting out my scribble book......

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