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APAD April 16

Keyboard Penguin.        no known author
I don't know your name?
Have we met before somewhere?
We looked across the baby crying
And knew each other - very well.
Was it in another life?
I've never met your pretty wife,
If that is her beside you?
But when I leave this noisy train
There'll be a dragging lingering
Of my soul, wishing not to part
From yours. It's going to break my heart.


Desert Viggo.
The day started well, woke happy and energetic.  Munched on my prunes and figs with a yoghurt to help the medicines go down, then checked Lj and my lovely chatty emails from chums.  I had to have my blood tested, so that was a good start, eight-oclock at the Nurse's Clinic which is MOST conveniently next door to me, although I have to stomp round several corners to get to their front door.  I was the first and only!
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Hope you enjoy MY walk ?



                                      Have a simply wonderful day,

                                           with much much love,

                                              your matey, Looloo.


APAD April 15

Drink Coffee...
My coffee mug is new, and such a pleasure.
Elegant in shape, 'twill be a treasure
with the colour of black coffee
the alternate blobs are toffee
on a background of a softy milky cream.
Not a mug shape this, slender at the base
widens at the lip enhances the taste.
If one could turn it upside down, it'd seem
to make a glorious tall and magic hat -
What would the gaping world think of that!

APAD April 14

Scarlet pen
“Walker, why, for what. and to where is it
You go?” The voice incessantly has asked,
Echoing in the ears, irritating like a piece of grit.
As if there was a route that had been tasked.
‘Why do you ask me?’ the mind replied,
‘I do not know, for always I can only go
Where I am led by you; no path described.
I do not even see, I must simply follow.’

“But there should be a goal, an aim.
A human being should achieve.
Or otherwise you all turn out the same
Nothing will have changed when you leave.”

‘I cannot see a goal except to survive
The trials, the troubles, crawling in the pain.
How can I see a path when I am not alive
And what difference will me dying gain?

I am simply here because my father drank.
My mother also, both making a mistake.
I was made by error and I can’t thank
Them for the careless actions people make.

So on I move – to where? I know an end
Will happen - tidily I trust, no mess to clear.
Death will take me, then will you comprehend?
I was an accident, I should never have been here.’

APAD April 13

Amoeba         pressie from Silvan lady.
Found, written fifteen months ago when totally alone in my new little home.

The Book.

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APAD April 12

Tread softly          by bluegerl
Ho Hum!

Last night I dreamt that I was whole.
Waiting in my shimmering silken shift,
my hair long grown.
My door was arched and brown
but of the colour that wet bracken has,
Or squirrelled beechnuts golden found.

Then came a visitor - one who knew the way
as he walked in, knowing of the steps
to take to find me, pretending unawares.
His hands felt for my shoulders.
They were cold from air, from rain,
but burning with his blood.

His eyes are slanting, catlike,
neither grey or blue, nor caramel - not any hue.
His hair was to his shoulders,
clad in linen sewn by fingers fine, like mine.
I knew those cottons that smocked
the sleeves to cuffs around his wrists.

He breathed into my neck.
Just breathing... nothing forced.
A quiet breath for living.
The one that stops with death.
Then I turned into his chest,
his arms enfolded me to rest a while.
I lay in peace.

My hair was stirred to lie along my back,
and then he kissed me gently on my brow.
I kissed him back, soft and open as I always did.
We joined our bodies, and our minds were one.
He loved me, there against the chair.
Gentle but demanding, as is only fair.
I gave him his desire, my love, my soul.
There was such a calmness, peace, an acknowledgement of ....

Then I woke up....

APAD April 11

Passions' hand.       Credit Rubyelf

I felt a breath upon my neck.
The night-dark breeze,
just a memory of you?

I swear there was a warmth
Left softly by this ghost.

I enclosed my heart
and sent it back
for you to keep
until we'd be us two


APAD April 10

All Operatic.

Rossini makes me lift my skirt.
to twitch my toes in polkas high.
Then an tenor'd aria lifts up my
heart -- and drops it - makes it hurt.

Barbers of Seville, or Williams Tell.
Donnas are active, chasing Turks in Italy.
I try to sing along and do quite well
Until I hit a high long-lasting Gee.

Puccini is another one. I weep profuse
pathetic tears over ladies who confuse
dying with consumption and can't ration
breathing, singing loud and with much passion.

Now there's Figaro who's dashing here
and needed so important there,
whilst groping love behind the door.
A sexy busy butler to be sure.

I can't find a favourite, but yet
I favour muchly the duet
by the men gone fishing pearls,
They turn my tummy into curls.

Oh give me tenors, slim or big in tum
Singing out their hearts to give
Resonance to airs too real-life dumb
But lift me to rejoicing - LIVE!


APAD April 9

madmisslizzie     private please

Lying in my single bed
Thoughts recur within my head.
Why I stayed so long beside
One whom eternal sighed?
I smiled and cooked,
and cruises booked,
Gave my laughter and my smile
Hoping it would sweet beguile,
(but I'm a stupid judge of men
Seem to pick the worst of them!)
So now you - Johnny, Sean and Hugh
Whistle wildly - I'll not fall for you!


APAD April 8.

madmisslizzie     private please
Small things I see,
Your eyelashes sleeping on your cheek.
The hair on your arm in sunlight.
The way you fork up peas,
And bite so strong into a slice.
Your jaw is made of silk and bone.
Yet you have just a body
As all others do, but not the same.
You do not know my pain
As I wish to live within your skin.


Hohum specs     manip by bluegerl
Brigits Flame April wk 2 JFF Prompt 'Glare'.
Author bluegerl prose, wds 150-ish. Rating G.

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Brigits Flame April wk 2. Prompt. Glare.

Desert Viggo.
Brigits Flame April wk 2 Prompt 'glare'.
Author bluegerl Prose wds 1790 app. Rating G.

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APAD April 7

Quills            bluegerl private pls
The lonely Yewtree.

The yew tree stands alone
above the hidden rotted bones.
Her branches stroking
the dismissive clouds,
seeking comfort.

The old friends, the moon and sky,
are empty of the why
the tree grew proud
in dark-dream greens.

Twas made of her, the wood for bows,
to flex and send
the killing blows
on the fields of glory.

She has a secret scarlet eye that hides
another way of killing -
with a gut-tearing poison
corroded by her crimson berry.

Now false-voiced cooing doves
with clattering wings
purr forgotten lullabies
to the unhearing magpies.

Their pied night-hued neighbours
quarrel loudly, cursing. swearing
in a noisy constant pairing
never meaning to, but making lies.

Now she's alone, resting on the souls
of ancients dead so long ago
The yew tree stands in memoriam
beside the broken well, still full

Of silver tears the yew lets fall
as she strokes the weeping sky
telling of her loneliness. The sky
is bored, she knows it all.



APAD April 6

Scarlet pen
The white line man.

He signalled me to 'Please not park just there.'
I thought I had been very thoughtful,
so sighing, moved my little car to where
The lines shone clear and moonbeam full.

The machine stood beside his feet,
panting, doglike, eager to continue.
I asked 'How did he make the lines so neat
And did he have just white, not some sky-blue?'

He grinned and showed me clutches, knobs
that directed sprays or lines.
His creature, panting waiting, bobs
as he shows me his designs.

Thanking him, I moved away to watch
him lay precisely lines of white cement
that dry in five minutes, so tyres can't botch
the glittering signs to show where cars are meant

To park, or to proceed in those 'One Way's
and brightest blue gives Wheelchair Man
another life as on this his bed he lays.
The carpark at the Mart is spic and span.


A HAPPY POST - about teeth!

Hahah folks. My bottom teeth and their extraction.
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Bless you all, and thanks for all the good wishes - they must have worked so well! It was an amazingly pleasant time!

APAD April 5

Drink Coffee...
Window sitting, after breakfast.

Today the rain has ceased upon my prison glass.
Up the alley just outside, the people pass
Unaware, unknowing, lost in their own minds.
They walk with head bowed down as winds
underfoot the ground that is like our lives,
a tiny patch of flower-bright,
a dark stain in the door wood.
Round the pothole which will an ankle turn.
crunch on sharp-edged pebbles grating
like remembered muttered words that burn.
The path began in grass and softened soil.
The life of children. Now toward the church
The road of life becomes a life of toil.
Becomes a curving unbalanced hill
up which we climb with strange persistent will.


APAD April 4.

The teeth must go!

Pills again. Pink and blue, white and brown.
All must be swallowed down.
With a glass of water as instructed.
But my mouth is swollen, jaw destructed
by the giant hands of men in gloves
and masks and gowns, who think I am a dinosaur
with jaw to match. It's just a tiny mouth
and three of you with hands within?
I cannot open more than would admit a pin!
How can I swallow Pink and Blue and white and brown?
I have to. Then I shall go lie down.


APAD April 3


Around in the air is sound of busyness -
Of peoples' hands. Their minds
And bodies focused on some work
They rise each day to constantly perform.
Even the bees are humming in their concentration.
Big dogs bark, and the thud of closing doors
shatters the half-sung song of larks.
I am learning peace again through wars
that turn my nights to sweating fears
so I must light the room
and gaze with wonder through my tears
at my new prison and be glad
that I'm the only jailer.

Brigits Flame April wk l. Prompt 'shade'.

Whitesuit Viggo
Brigits Flame. April wk l. Prompt 'Shade'.
Author bluegerl. Ficlet words 410 app. rating g.


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Brigit's Flame. April wk l. JFF. Shade,

Muse is dumb
Brigits Flame. April Wk.l. JFF. Shade.
Author bluegerl. poem 110 wds.. rating g.


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APAD April 2

Quills            bluegerl private pls
Through days that mark not time
and have no start or end,
Winter comes to Lovers' Day, then wends
onward to the first crocuses of spring.
March becomes the days to move.
Open windows wide, let birdsong enter in.
It's best to stop right there
before that careless Time
forgets to pause before the flowers die.


APAD April l.

Quills            bluegerl private pls
Thinking, trying not to dreaming thoughts
be drawn of limber limbs and laughing eyes.
They distract from daily chores
and one forgets to sweep the corners,
pull cold unloving sheets to tightness,
blessed knowing they will harbour there
come the night
the dreams that make a life be right.


Apr. 1st, 2014



Just a very pretty pretty..... Enjoy.

Passions' hand.       Credit Rubyelf
aidan turner dapper

Don't you just adore the waistcoat? !!!


Oh glory be.   Glory allelujah.  I am writing more of my Memoirs  and blow me they are going on and on and on.  Millions of words... it'll be a serial or six!!!   There's so MUCH to remember and put down and even then I'm missing out such a lot.

BUT and this is the dancing around screaming with joy bit....

I was checking out Australia and wondering if my old house was still there, AND IT IS!!!   run down and enclosed, and looking a bit... rough but she's there!!!!!!! the rest of the suburb of Kingston has developed out of all horizons though.  So I had a grand day retracing steps and checking on things like the Theatre we hoped to rescue nearly fell by the wayside and was re-rescued and is now a Heritage site..aaaah GLORY! and old down-Brissy areas.  Oh MY what a super day.

But the bestest ever thing... I was checking on mileage from A to B and found a name that rang such a bell. The Adventurer's Club which started up when I was in Queensland..... and it has grown into a tourist business and one of our originals is STILL RUNNING IT AND I EMAILED HIM AND HE IS THE BILL I REMEMBER AND ..... He put me back in touch with dearest of old chums whom I had lost touch with.... and OOOOOOOH  I've had emails this morning from Down Under that I shall be spending hours replying to. Oh glory glory, Wyn still alive and Netta and aaaaahhhhh  Oh glory.

A birthday wish for loucifer67 from me, HUGS!!!

Its Pressietime  Ran.  by bluegerl
bluebean with smile! - Copie
                         Have a truly terrific day!
                                 With blessings
                                  xx Bluegerl xx


A Vigbean Drabble.... first for 2014!

Meandvigs?              bluegerl
Title Home again, Home again...
Author bluegerl
Category RPS Vigbean.
Rating - NC17?
Disclaimer. Just a pic on Bean Daily and a glorious one of Viggo in a white panama hat. Nothing to do with them or anything - just a violent surge of love for them both.

Sean heard the door open and felt the draught whistle past his back.

"Hej, Home again!" Thump of bag falling at the foot of the stairs. Sean grinned widely. Waited. Soft squeak of bare foot on tiling and then his bare back was engulfed with a damp jacket as he was squeezed breathless by hungry arms.

He turned his head back and kissed the overnight scruff, searching for and finding the soft wet mouth. It was open and ready. Sean wriggled, then stood, their faces still kissing, kissing, searching, reaching....

China fell, the table groaned, and Sean welcomed Viggo home.

Have a great Birthday raven22372 !! Yer a Bonzer gerl!

Australia!    from Raven22372

chmoj - Copie
                Loads of love and booze and stuff.

                               Goody Bluefish.

Birthday wishes to alex_quine today.

Beaming AraBor.
       Have a perfectly lovely day Alex...

images (4) - Copie

                             tons of love,



What a magical Sunday it was.

Elephant trampolining...
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And I wish our lanes looked like this.... I must be patient. This is the little lane leading to TOH at Careo, up the back way.  Very secret and you sometimes see Jays, red squirrels and deer as well as stoats squibbling across the road.
our back lane

Just some lines with thorts from yesterday.

Muse is dumb

Had a serendipitous day yesterday, Will post when I've taken my camera back to show you why!  Here's a few pensive moments I had.

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Brigits Flame Fb wk 4 prompt Barrel.

Brigits Flame Feb wk 4 prompt Barrel.
Author bluegerl prose words 210... Rating G.(philosphy?)

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Viggopic drabble...

Question eyes Viggo
Title.  Listening.
Author bluegerl
Category, just Viggo.
Rating G.
Disclaimer. I just listen to his Aca cd and understand.... it is a wonderful piece of explanation.


Your hands over the keys, Pressing, finding the notes to speak of the pictures in your mind. I listen here, at my plastic kitchen table and hear you talk to me. Two umbrellas pass the window like jellyfish in the sea, floating on nothing. One is orange and the other striped in greens. I sip my coffee and know you. I hear you.

Thoughts unformable flow down your arms, furred lightly with dark hairs. They pass the coloured braid that talks to someone, and tumble incoherently on to the white and black keys. Then they form, shape, lift and parade becoming the pictures of what lies scrambled in turned memories.


A crazy Happy Sunday... Wonderful funday!

I may LOOK safe... Penguin
Sunday... Sunday.

It started as usual. I lay with legs burning thinking 'Sunday... an empty day.' "NO GOOD!" says nasty active little worm in head. "Not Good lying here doing nothing. Just get UP and see what happens."
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Just feel like bragging!

bluegerl blows   treadmill.
Dammit. It's a 'pat me on my back' day! Ho Yuss it IS.

It's all just ME ME ME stuff, rubbish really.Collapse )
Bless you all, and love you all, may your day be shiny and bright, and lie like a polished coin in your pocket of memories!

Batty Bluegerl.
Keyboard Penguin.        no known author
Brigits Flame. Feb wk 3 prompt 'Scrap paper'
Author bluegerl. words 765 app prose, rating G.

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Scarlet pen
Brigits Flame Feb wk 3 JFF Prompt scrap paper.
Authorbluegerl. Sort of Pome thing with 180 words. Rating G.

Sons and Mothers.
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Fen morning            by bluegerl
Just wanted to get them down while they shifted iridescent on the rainfilled window.

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Viggopic. The man within.

Darkblues Viggo
Title The man within.
Author bluegerl
Disclaimer. I'm just fascinated by this kaleidescope of a man.

blue 4

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Another birthday wish for liars_dance

Beanjustsillyface    Credit to liars_dan

                                         with love, and have a wonderful day.


Stormy days..
Brigits Flame Wk 2 Feb. JFF... prompt Horse.
Author bluegerl. words 175. prose. rating g.

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Brigits Flame Feb wk 2. prompt 'Horse'

Field riders
Brigit's Flame Feb wk 2 prompt. ' Horse'
Author bluegerl. prose words 515. Rating g.

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A Valentine Fic.

Title;   Will you be mine ?
Author bluegerl
Category FPS .  Preston and Partridge ... Equilibrium
Rating:  NC17 (I think, it's been so LONG!!)
Words 3365 app.
Disclaimer.   It's all in the mind... and mind pics can be very norty! The film is their own, I'm just playing with two meeeeeeep men!
Summary.  Preston makes a few discoveries.... not just books!
00ttbbxe - Copie

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All quotes from my gorgeous book of W.B.Yeats.
Oh Yuck        private pls
Dear dear chums all.

Once again yours truly has been whipped off to Hospital again... just cos I am having problems with my 'transit' as the French so nicely put it. (aka. TMI = Chronic Constipation) and wanted to have a word with my Doc. (who of course wasn't there... weekend off which starts FRIDAYS!) but the other chappie on duty was not really suitable and he asked what the problem was and I said... 'sicky feeling and a bit weak and wobbly and I want....'

He leapt on the 'weak and wobbly' which in French translates to 'VERTIGO!' and pressed the panic button. I.E. this is a STROKE VICTIM!!! age, fainting... severe nausea.... hahahahah Sodding ambulance arrives and you can't refuse them... so I had a godawful ride at breakneck speed through the wild and windy night and of course, lying flat... 'STAY FLAT...Blood CLOTS' I was ambulance-sea-sick.

To cut a bloody stupid story short. I was prodded and poked again, head was scanned (NO STROKE - I KNEW THAT!) and ears tested for the Vertigo and I was just feeling bloated and constipated and please kind sirs/mesdames can I have a suppository???? (dodgy but effective. I HATE THESE damn pills that bung me up when I'm not the best to begin with.)

Anyway. Six days later I arrive home... still constipated ahahaha and it isn't funny! but very empty and now am two more kilos lighter. So I am now 93 kilos!!! WHEEEEE.

BUT... NO pc. and when I get back I find a whole LOAD of my friends here have had birthdays and I haven't sent them a card or wished them all a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

So all you dear dear people, who are with just a little bit more added to your Twenty-One-and-a-Bit ages, I do so want to say so sorry I didn't get the chance to wish you all a Wonderful Day, and hope that you had a ball, and lots of goodies!!

So... in apology, cos it's so NICE to have cards and goodies, I wish to post this for all of you,


SO --  A VERY Happy Birthday to you all.

Lots of love, Old Hag Bluegerl.

Feb. 6th, 2014

Brigits Flame. JFF Feb wk 1 Prompt 'wallpaper'
author bluegerl POME!! 145 words... daft.

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Brigits Flame. February 2014 wk.1. Prompt 'Wallpaper'.
Author bluegerl. words 935. prose. Rating G but warning accidental death?

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madmisslizzie     private please

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